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We do custom Remote custom tuning via email with SCT for Fords, and Diablo tuning for Fords, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler. We can remote email tune for blowers, turbos, nitrous, etc. We specialize in remote email tuning heavily modified cars over email. Our remote SCT and Diablo tunes are not the typical "email tunes" that are "plug and pray". We have you datalog your car, with the tune that we email you, so that we can match the tune specifically to your car! We tune for max Mpg at part throttle, and max, but safe, power at full throttle. There is no need to have different economy, or torque / hp tunes because we fit it all in the same tune! Because these cars are not on our dyno, we leave a few hp on the table to account for production variations. Sorry, but we cannot do heavily modified remote tunes with diablo predators because they can't datalog a wideband. You should receive a download link with an excel file to collect your tuning info. Once you fill that out and email us we will get started on the tune.  Depending on the tune needed, and our work load, it might be 1-7 days before you receive the base tune.  Please account for this during your assembly.

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