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Wideband Air Fuel Gauges


PLX Devices Wideband gauges use Critical Response Technology for the most accurate widebands on the market.  There is a major advantage to using this technology vs.  other widebands that need to be (un)calibrated in the air.  Please read the weblink if you would like to know more their wideband technology.

The wideband installation is simple if you have a basic set of tools and a drill. All you are required to do is hook up the power and ground leads, mount the gauge, drill a hole in the firewall and run the wideband sensor wire into the engine compartment.  Then have a local exhaust shop weld in a bung for the WO2. They are same as regular O2 bungs and can be ordered from my shopping cart site.  Most shops will weld in a bung for about $40-50.  Each PLX Devices wideband product also come with Trick Tuners supplemental installation and use instructions.  If this is over your head check with your local speed shop for your wideband installation.  (Woodside Automotive can install your wideband if you are in the San Diego area)


PLX Devices SM-AFR DM5 Wideband and Gauge Combo

These are the highest quality widebands, and best deal on the Internet making it an excellent "bang for the buck"!  Please read about their Critical Response Technology if you would like to learn more about their wideband technology.  These widebands are highly accurate, very fast, and the gauge just looks cool!  Click here for the PLX Devices Installation Instructions for the SM-AFR and the DM-5.  Trick Tuners will provide supplemental instructions to help explain things better with each order.


Buy Now Only $260 (Black)                Buy Now Only $260 (White)

PLX Devices SM-AFR Wideband Controller

This is an excellent alternative to the wideband gauge combo when a gauge is not needed such as when used with the Livewire, Aeromotive Interceptor, engine management system, or data logger.  It is exactly the same as the above combo and can be upgraded with a gauge if later needed.  This is the same unit that will easily interface with all plx IMFD products. Click here for the PLX SM-AFR wideband installation instructions.  Trick Tuners will provide supplemental instructions to help explain things better with each order.

Buy Now Only $185

DM-100 IMFD Wideband Combo (50mm, 2 1/16")

The PLX DM-100 gauge is the ultimate tool for wideband monitoring!  THe PLX IMFD system will monitor up to 4 plx sensor modules with a totally customizable display and programmable warnings. Click Here for more info

DM-100 wideband combo $379

DM-100 OBDII IMFD Wideband Combo (50mm 2 1/16")

Same as the above option, but will also display nearly all critical OBDII parameters.  This is very convenient for use when setting multiple warning schemes.  For example, you could set one like "If TPS > 70%, Air fuel must be below 12.5, or flash warning". 

DM-100 OBDII wideband combo $525



Aeromotive Interceptor ODBII gauge and PLX wideband

The Aeromotive Interceptor OBDII gauges can easily display the wideband air fuel ratio once hooked up to the plx wideband module.  The Areomotive gauges are great because you can also monitor critical OBDII parameters along with the air fuel.  They do not have nearly the functionality or customizability of the PLX OBDII gauges, but they are a bargain for the price! (you must add the wideband option when purchasing)

Interceptor Wideband Combo $399

Use the function 2*V+10 for data logging the PLX wideband output signal.


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