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PLX Devices IMFD Sensor Modules

These sensor modules can be used with either the IMFD DM-100 gauge, or the DM-5 gauge that corresponds to the sensor module for use as a stand alone gauge.  These plx sensor modules and widebands can easily be data logged with SCT flash tuners using the 0-5V output.  Using the SCT livelink software you can input the function and record accurate data along with the rest of the OBDII data. 

SM-AFR Air Fuel Module

These are high quality widebands using the PLX critical response technology for the most accurate results in the wideband industry.  Instructions click here

Buy Now only $185


SM-EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

Make sure those exhaust valves are not too hot!  K type thermocouple sensor included!

Buy Now Only $120


SM-FluidTemp Sensor

The SM Fluid temperature sensor can measure between 0-150C or 32-302F with single or dual probes.  Its a great device for keeping track of your coolant, oil, or intercooler fluid temps!

Single Sensor Only 87.99 Dual Sensor Only $105

SM-Vac-Boost Sensor

This vacuum and boost sensor has a range of -15psi (30.5" vac) to 30psi of boost.  It also has a 0-5V linear output for use when data logging with an Xcal2 or to display real time values on the Livewire.  It is also very useful for line graphing boost on turbos to make sure there are no problems with the wastegate causing boost spikes. 

Only $95


SM-AIT Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor

Keep track  of your intake air temperatures.

Only $135



SM-Fluid Pressure Sensor

While it is not technically rated for use with fuel, may people have reported no issues after 6 months.  Oil pressure has no issues.

Only $137

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