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PLX Devices IMFD (Intelligent Multi Function Display) Gauges

Buy Now Only $250

Get a wideband and a DM-100 for $379

Click Here for Sensor Modules

DM-200 pictures and a basic overview

These are the coolest gauges currently on the market.  The PLX DM-100 is the worlds first 52mm (2 1/16") OLED (Organic LED) gauges.  All of the above displays can be viewed on a single gauge using the optional modules.  One of the best features is the line graphing mode.  This will allow you to monitor the last 8 seconds of data so you will never miss anything while at WOT.  Simply glance at the gauge to reveal potential problems instantly. Currently there is nothing on the market that can do this without a laptop computer hooked in.  They also feature user adjustable warnings where the gauge will flash red when your set point is exceeded.  Another very useful feature is the 2 axis plotting where you can plot AF vs Boost to make sure you are not running lean at high boost levels.  It is also capable of displaying 4 parameters at a time and has a peak and hold option as well.  Click here to download the PLX instructions and click here (9mb) to watch a demo video.

IMFD screen shots

Menu structure 1

Menu structure 2

Control Box








More Pictures

Click here to watch a short clip of the line graphing function

DM-200 pictures and videos


Click Here for Sensor Modules


PLX DM-100 Gauge

Be the coolest guy on the block with one of these IMFD gauges!  At least one sensor module is required to use this gauge.  Gauge size is 50mm (2 1/16")

Buy Now only $250



PLX DM-100 OBDII Gauge



PLX DM-200 OBDII Gauge





Click Here for Sensor Modules


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