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OBDII (on board diagnostic 2) was federally mandated for all 1996 and newer vehicles.  The main purpose of this federally mandated standard is to monitor the vehicles sensors for faults that could cause increased emissions.  The OBDII standard allows one type of protocol for all OBDII devices, independent of the automotive brand.  There are many brand specific (sometimes proprietary) OBDII parameters that may not be able to be read with all OBDII devices.  The SCT Xcalibrators are one of the only OBDII devices that can read nearly all of the Ford proprietary parameters and can also reflash the ECU with a custom tune. Click Here for info on the SCT flash tuners and dataloggers.  The good thing is that there are numerous generic OBDII parameters that are identical across all manufactures.  These generic parameters generally include things like engine coolant temp, intake air temp, throttle position, fuel trims (short and long), load, manifold absolute pressure (MAP) or mass air flow (MAF), RPM, Timing, MPH, and up and downstream O2 sensor voltages.  All of the ODBII devices on this page can also read and clear DTC (digital trouble codes) that cause the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp, or check engine light) to turn on.  This is a very useful function for troubleshooting which sensor is causing the fault.   Some OBDII products are geared toward saving gas and will give useful information like instantaneous mpg, and average mpg.


PLX Devices DM-100 OBDII Gauge (50mm, 2 1/16")


Best option for standard gauge OBDII monitoring.


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PLX Devices DM-200 OBDII Gauge (60mm, 2 5/8")

Best option for 60mm (larger) gauge monitoring, or for custom installations such as in the rear view mirror.

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PLX Devices Kiwi (Save Gas Now!!)

The PLX Devices Kiwi is the coolest tool on the market to help change your driving style to save up to 30% on your gas bill!! Their proprietary analysis methods and tutorials will help you analyze and change your driving style for increased MPG.  The algorithm will monitor 4 functions (acceleration, deceleration, drag, and smoothness) to come up with your Kiwi score.

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SCT XCal3 and Livewire

The SCT Flash Xcal3 and the Livewire are the best tools for datalogging and reflashing new tunes for all Ford vehicles.  Due to their large size they are far from the best option for real time monitoring of OBDII parameters.  The livewire is much more functional compared to the Xcal3 for real time OBDII monitoring, if you have space for a dash, or window mount.

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