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Default How to fix the lamp module on a crown vic (headlights don't work)

I picked up a 2003 Crown vic LX sport and the headlights went out the next day! I did some research and found out this is a common problem, especially on the 03s. These 2 threads have the best info on the solution.

I went to Frys to try and buy the same replacement relay (because I'm lazy) but they didn't have it. They did have a different one that looked a little bigger, but similar enough. The one I bought is a NTE R46-5012-12 12A 12Vdc SPDT. The original is only a 10A so hopefully this will fix it. You can read the other threads for info on how to fix it, and which one it is. I'll post back in a few years (hopefully) or sooner if it craps out. My tips to add are to use a very small drill bit to clear out any left over solder after you get the old one out. I don't have a de-soldering tool, so I just heat up the pins, one by one, while pulling on the back side. I clipped off the studs on the back side before doing this to make it easier. Its still a pain, but not too bad. At least my headlights work now!! You would think that Ford would use one relay for each side so if there is a failure, you are not stuck without lights!
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