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2002 Ford Taurus, replaced the MAF, do i need to return to a stock tune, then tune it back to where i had it ? Also can i adjust some parameters on my tuner for a tad bit more fuel economy and power, and if so what should i should'nt mess with. Now mind you i had the 171 - 174 lean burn issue come up. replaced MAF and repaired a hole in one of my vacum lines. Just lookin to adjust my car the way i want it with out tearing something up. Thanks for any help !!!!!!

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you should not need to reload the tune for a maf change, unless its a different maf, then you need a different tune. Depending on where you bought it, your tune (is it me?) should be able to adjust for fuel economy, but that depends on your smog tests. Many times if you adjust for fuel economy, you wont pass smog.
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