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Default '02 Jeep Wrangler rear storage mod

Here is a write up on something I did many years ago on my 2002 TJ that was stolen. I'll try and remember then best I can.

This picture is looking up at where the compartment will be on the rear passenger side.

This shows where to cut the hold. I used a jig saw or maybe a grinder with a cut off wheel. Make sure not to cut into the left side metal part, and the shelf on the bottom. You can use the spot welds as reference and maybe drill some pilot holes to make sure you know where to cut.

I held up the metal to the jeep and drew the curve of the corner for the bottom piece. The sheet metal was just thin cheap sheet metal. I made it extra long so I could bend up the other side.

Do some test fits and get it similar to this.

I used a second piece of sheet metal to make this part. I overlapped the bottom to give it more strength, and glued them together, probably with GE type II silicone.

Trim to fit

Carefully jam it up in the hole. I think I removed the inner fender, or bent it back to make room.

Seal it in with more GE type II silicone after cleaning the jeep.

I used expanding polyurethane foam to seal up the inside and add some strength.

This is looking down in the hole at the bottom piece.

If you can't weld, you could bolt something on, or just leave it open if its behind the carpet. I welded the frame and door, then welded it to the jeep.

I welded on some nuts to hold the door closed, but got some splatter in them and had to chase them.

Grind off the paint. You can see the silicone and expanding foam in this pic.

Weld it in.

I welded in some larger nuts over the allen bolts to make it a bit trickier to open (eliminates using pliers to open it)

herculine it.

Fill it full of tools!

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