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Joe@Trick Tuners 10-04-2017 04:01 PM

Hot start issues with the pprv delete
Try cycling the key a few times before going to start. I shot this too show that many hot start issues may not be tuning related. This is a mechanical fp gauge with an isolator. The tank and pumps are from a 03 cobra, and the pprv valve has been deleted. Normally it gains pressure with the normal single prime. The biggest problem is when it hot outside, the engine is at normal temp, and you wait about 20m to ~1hr. The lack of the PPRV valve allows the fuel to drain back to the tank. My thought on why it take a while to gain pressure is that the rails are very hot and the fuel boils instantly, pushing the fuel back out of the fuel lines into the tank. If the car sits for a couple hours, it primes just fine. If you have a hot start issue, try priming the key (go to on, but not start) 4x and see if that solves the issue. If it does, then the issue is strictly mechanical and cannot be tune out. watch this video to see the fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge.

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