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Joe@Trick Tuners 07-15-2017 04:13 PM

Using the Xcal4 on 2V mustangs
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I'd like to take a minute to explain the issues with the Xcal4 when used on the 96-04 mustangs. This has been going on since at least 2014. I still see it in 2017, so I can't say that it's fixed, or even if SCT is working to fix it. There is a possibility that it's working now, but I've given up on hope. I stopped selling the X4, and I can't buy the X3 anymore.

The issue is the extremely slow data logging. Take a look at this data generated on a 2002 blown 2v.
That is a full wot pull from 2096 rpms to 5751 rpms. There is a total of 5 data points for the RPMs and maf counts! On this calibration I have 19 maf points that I can adjust. Because the logging is so slow, I need to guess at a lot of the points because there is no data. It can be done, but it won't result with great calibration. I've been tuning these cars since 2005, so I'm pretty good at guessing where it should be, but the scientist in me would much rather use data.

For reference, here is an old xcal3 log on the same calibration. There is plenty of data so I don't need to guess.

My advice is to buy a used xcal2, or xcal3 on craigslist or ebay. Make sure it's unlocked and request a picture of the screen that shows it's unlocked. If you buy a locked one SCT will charge you $150 to unlock it. Don't be afraid of the old X2s, they actually work better than the X3 on these cars for logging, but take just a bit longer to flash. You may be thinking, why would SCT newer products suck so much worse than the ones they replaced? That's a good question. My thought is that they only concentrated on making the new cars work, and put the EECV platform out to pasture. If you already have an X4, I can still use it. I've done a number of boosted cars with them. They turn out ok, but sometimes take longer because I need more datalogs to capture the data I need. Should you sell the X4 and buy an X2 or 3? Maybe. It definitely makes my life easier and the tune will be more precise, but if you keep the X4 I can still get the car to turn out fine.

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