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  1. Fuel Pressure and the FRPS
  2. Returnless Fuel Pump Upgrade Guide
  3. Smogs tests and tuning
  4. PLX Gauges explained
  5. Testing out your wideband
  6. How to read spark plugs
  7. The difference between superchargers, nitrous, and turbos
  8. MAF info (READ THIS!)
  9. Why the Ford Muscle Wideband Shootout is full of BS
  10. Information on remote tuning and free retunes for life!
  11. Fuel Injector Colors and #s
  12. Good info on the PATS system (passive anti theft)
  13. Parts that require a Re-Tune
  14. Issues with Methanol Injection
  15. making more h/p
  16. New & learning to read logs-check this!
  17. Allowed some unmetered air &
  18. How to flash tunes and update sct devices
  19. Gears and dynos
  20. Returnless hesitation issue
  21. The Backpressure myth
  22. OBDII theory and operation
  23. LTFT questions
  24. New compression ratio, all else is the same.
  25. What is Detonation and How do I control it?
  26. What Octane should i run?
  27. Spark Advance (timing) explained
  28. We are now a Diablo dealer for Ford and DCX (SRT4, SRT8s, hemis, etc)
  29. Always have proper grounding!
  30. Widebands and Narrowbands explained
  31. Few tune related questions
  32. SCT tuner questions
  33. Centri blowers and Maf location issues
  34. Cams explained and compared
  35. Intercooler theory explained - George Spears
  36. Dyno Tune question
  37. SCT Updates!!! Warning!
  38. Remote Dyno Tuning
  39. SCT 3000 tuner
  40. Lowering boost
  41. Auto transmission info
  42. Retune or no?
  43. Thinning OEM harness
  44. upper plenum?
  45. X4
  46. Widebands: What brands are good?
  47. Ecu lock
  48. Using the Xcal4 on 2V mustangs