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How to Flash New Tunes onto Your Vehicle With SCT Products

First you will need to make sure you have both drivers loaded on your computer before you plug in your SCT device.  You can download the most current version from SCT's Website. (go to tech support, then device updates and downloads, then select your device and software to download) You will also need to download the program Liveload (for X2s) or the device updater software (for X3s and livewires) in order to load the .ll3 files you received over email.  Name them something easy to remember when loading multiple tunes.  Once the files have transferred, its time to flash the vehicle.  First remove any after market chips from the ECU on the passenger side kick panel.  Its a good idea (highly recommended) to remove the fuses for the fuel pump and fan (usually in the engine compartment fuse box).  Turn off everything in the car (AC fan, radio, etc) while flashing the car.  If you battery is in question you should hook up a battery charger while flashing.  If the battery dies during flashing very bad things can happen like having to take the car or ecu to ford to have it reflashed before the car will start.  Plug the cable into the OBDII port under the drivers side dash.  The xcal will turn on and you need to select the program custom tune option and select the appropriate tune.  Follow the instructions on the xcal and do not rush it.  When the flashing is complete remember to plug your fuses back in before starting the car before you think "Oh Crap it wont start", (yeah, I've done it).  If you plan on taking your car to the dealer please let me know so I can explain the proper procedure to you.  If the dealer flashes your car and you have an aftermarket CAI, or other parts, the car may not run correctly (especially with the 05+ cars).  When you flash my tune back over it, it may not start if the strategy has changed, and your Xcal may be locked to the old code.  It is recommended to tell the dealer not to flash the car, but just to have them let you know the new strategy or new code so you can tell me and I can make a tune for the new code.  It might not be a bad idea to put a piece of tape over the OBDII port that says DO NOT FLASH!    Always keep an eye on the air fuel gauge and always listen for any detonation. If something seems "not right" then let off the gas!  Please contact us at joe@tricktuners.com with any questions.  Click here to learn more about datalogging.

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