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SCT Flash Xcal3 Pro Racer Combo (X3-PRP)



SCT Flash Xcal3 with Pro Racer Tuning Software Combo
This package will allow you to custom tune your 96 and newer Ford vehicle (Mustang, Cobra, F150, Focus, etc). If you have a forced induction application we also sell a combo that includes a wideband. We feel that it is a must for doing custom tuning on any vehicle while you are learning how to tune. Once you have done a number of similar combos, then you can get by without a wideband on mildly modified vehicles.

We will give you access to our forums in the PRP section, a base tune, just like we would start with on the dyno, and we have directions on how to do the tuning. Part of the reason for the high cost is that SCT Flash makes most of the money on the PRP, but we are left answering tons of questions. The SCT pro racer tuning software is nearly identical to the software that we use for dyno tuning! This product requires a substantial amount of time to learn all of the details. If you don't know what timing and AFR do, don't buy this! We started tuning back in 2005 and we still learn new things all the time! We have compiled a list of books that will help you understand the tuning process.  Click here for the link to tuning and engine operation books. Please email us your ecu code after you purchase this so we can order it from SCT.  This make take up to 2 weeks to arrive.  This will not work on an Apple Computer!!!

The SCT Flash Xcal3 is a great tool to use when doing your own custom tuning. The livelink program will allow you to data log all of the critical parameters needed to calibrate a proper custom tune. It will hold 3 custom tunes and the stock tune. It's real easy to load the tune from the computer to your Xcal3, then flash the calibration to the ECU via the OBDII port under the steering wheel. You can download the livelink software off of SCT Flash's Site.

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