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Scangauge 2



The scangauge II is an awesome OBDII device to view real time data, read trouble codes (CEL, MIL, etc) provide instant and average MPG data and much more!  I've used a ton of different obdii real time gauges and the scangauge is the best.  Some of the features that I like better over the other gauges is the ability to have a detailed trip computer with easy access to things like total miles traveled, average speed, mpg, gallons uses, cost per trip, ability to set the speed to accurately record the miles for aftermarket changes like gears, or larger tires.  The Xgauge features are also great!  I use them on my 7.3L powerstroke diesel E450 motorhome to keep tabs on the transmission temp, Injector control pressure, RPMs, and more!  Its also a great way add a tachometer if the vehicle doesn't have one.  will work with most 96 and newer obdii vehicles.

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