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PMAS HPX MAF for supercharged fords (original version)

Maf adapters and pigtails


The Original PMAS HPX MAF is the ideal maf for both centrifugal superchargers and turbos on your ford vehicle. Setting up the maf in a blow through application boosted vehicles is strongly advised to prevent the drive-ability issues associated with draw through applications. You can read more about maf location issues on our forums here. The PMAS Maf works great in a 3" tube for up to around 650-700 rwhp. A 3.5" tube will support 800+hp.  Larger tubes will support even more hp, but you will loose some resolution at the idle range of the maf and it can potentially cause issues. 

The maf comes with the standard 05+ maf connector so if you are adding this maf to your SN197 Mustang you don't need any adapters.  If you have a SN-95 (96-04) Mustang then you will need to choose the option that includes that adapter.  If you have a fox body mustang then you will need to select that maf adapter option.  We also have the pigtail option.  This includes a maf connector hacked off of a 05+ ford vehicle.  They are dirty, but functional.  These require soldering and splicing to correctly hook them up to your vehicle, but you can save some money and have a cleaner install. 

These mafs will require custom tuning to work correctly with your vehicle, but in our opinion they are the best possible maf for for all possible blower and turbos setups not including positive displacement blowers like the kenne bell and whipple (they cannot use a blow through maf due to the location of the blower on top of the intake manifold.)  We will include the software to calculate the transfer function on request.  Alternatively we can supply a Diablo or SCT calibration file for this maf and your size tube.  This is not a tune! Only the maf data will be supplied unless custom tuning is also purchased from us.

Note: We do not currently sell the flange that may be needed to mount this maf in your intake.

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