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  • We have partnered up with SoCal Performance Racing inc. to bring dyno tuning the the southern California area.
  • All tuning is by appointment only.
  • The shop is located at the corner of Orange Avenue and 4th Street in Coronado. Get off the bridge, turn left at the first light (Orange Avenue) and its 1 block up on the right in the front bay of the Valero gas station.
  • Check out our forums for the latest information.

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A few new favorites of ours and our customers:

Our mission is to provide quality products paired with incomparable service.

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Company Info

At Trick Tuners we take pride in providing high quality remote email and local dyno tunes for our customers. We use SCT Flash tuning products, and a couple other brands. Email tunes are only for 96 and newer Ford obdii vehicles. Older vehicles must be dyno tuned. We specialize in custom tuning high horsepower Ford Mustangs, but we tune all types of Fords using SCT products and their Advantage 3.0 dealer tuning software and flash tuner devices such as the SCT Xcalibrator 2 (Xcal2), SCT Xcalibrator 3, SCT Livewire, and the SCT Big Air MAFs. Our goal is stock manners in a highly modified vehicle and we deal with all kinds of supercharged and turbo applications. We can help you select the best flash tuner for your OBDII application. Check out the Information Center for good info on SCT Datalogging, Detonation, EGTs, General Engine Operation, and more. We will also walk you through the process of flashing new tunes to your Ford using the OBDII port. We also explain how to data log with the SCT flash tuners and the OBDII port, as well as what you should be logging, and how the data should look. Datalogging is done using SCT's Livelink program which is very powerful data logging program.

PLX Devices is our brand of choice for wideband and data monitoring products due to their high product quality, QC standards, and having coolest stuff on the market! Nearly every PLX wideband gauge, PLX IMFD Programmable Gauges like the DM-100, PLX Sensor modules (AF, AIT, EGT, Boost, ECT / OIL temp) in stock and ready to ship. The PLX Devices widebands use the critical response technology to eliminate free air sensor calibration (un-calibration). The wideband control module can be used for datalogging with SCT Flash products using the 0-5V output and a gauge is not necessary, but its always a good idea to keep an eye on your AFR. We have the best prices on the internet and will beat any advertised price!


I have a BA in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California at Berkeley. I work for a biotech company as a process optimization specialist dealing with chemistry and automation issues along with extensive data analysis. I became frustrated with the tunes I was receiving and after multiple attempt from multiple tuners so I decided to go into business for myself in 2005 as an online tuning facility. (detonation, hesitation, and bucking problems) I guess its the perfectionist in me desiring stock manners till I mash the gas. I read every book related to engine operation and ECU strategies that I could get my hands on. I've spent 1000s of hours scouring the net for tuning information and taken multiple classes on EFI calibration. I have analyzed over 500 datalogs on my personal car using powerful statistical software. I stay up to date with the newest information on a private forum with the top tuners in the nation. I take a scientific systematic approach to tuning an strive for perfection on every single tune. These are far from the "canned" tunes you hear about on the net from some of the large high volume dealers or ebay sellers. I can make a "canned" tune in 2 minutes, while my tunes usually take about 30 minutes. I double check every single aspect of the tune as well as make almost 50 extra changes over the "canned" tunes to improve drivability aspects. I've tuned 100s of vehicles from mild to wild and at least 50 supercharged mustangs.


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