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Want to learn more?  Check out some of these books.  Please email joe@tricktuners.com if you would like more information on any of these books.

Building 4.6/5.4L Ford Horsepower on the Dyno by Richard Holdener.
Great book with 185 back to back dyno runs testing pretty much every combination. Good book to have when drinking and BS'ing with friends. Turbos FTW!!!

Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control
by Charles Probst
Best book on how all the sensors and smog stuff interact with the motor. Covers 5.0 mustangs only but will give you a good understanding on how the engine works. Its kind of technical and over 400p so only if your extra motivated to learn about motors.

Supercharged! by Corkey Bell
Super technical, not much real world useful information. More on design of blowers and manifolds.

Supercharging, Turbocharging, and Nitrous Oxide by Earl and Diane Davis
Decent book that's an easy read (only 150p) It has good info on types of blowers, turbos and nitrous kits with good pictures. Its a great book if you are deciding between the types of power adders.

Mustang Performance Engine Tuning by MM&FF
General information on Mustang motors and power adders. Not as good as the other books. Tends to repeat itself quite a bit.

Four Stroke Performance Tuning by A. Graham Bell
Super technical with no real world information. Read this if you make custom blowers / manifolds or design your own motors.

Forced Induction Performance Tuning by A. Graham Bell
Way better than his other book but still super technical for most people going into compression wave tuning for custom manifolds and such. Good info on blowers and turbos and how they are designed, but nothing to help you decide what you want.

High Performance Mustang Builders Guide by Sean Hyland
Great book on suspension modification and drive train modification.

Mustang Chassis, Driveline, and Suspension Tuning by MM&FF
Sucks. Too much info on transmissions (mostly autos).

Engine Management Advanced Tuning by Greg Banish.  This is the best book on how EFI works and is calibrated.  An excellent read for sure!

Maximum Boost by Corky Bell.  Excellent book on turbo system design and operation.  If you are going turbo then read this book first.

Electronic Fuel Injection by Ben Strader.  This is another good book on EFI calibration.  Its not as good as Greg's book, but covers most of the stand alone EFI systems and general operation principles.



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