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This information was put together to help people gain a basic understanding of how their motor works.  Sometimes finding relevant information can be difficult, so we provide some basic info for free!  Update: our forums now have the most up to date information.

Trick Tuners Forums

Widebands and Narrowbands Explained

Detonation Explained    Learn more about detonation's destroying effects and how to prevent it

EGT Explained               Understand your exhaust gas temperature readings

Email Tunes Explained    Details the process of fully custom email tuning to get a perfect tune.

Engine components         Explains how the ECU interacts with engine components (IAC, MAF, EGR, etc). Covers everything between the air filter and the mufflers in a simplified explanation.

Data logging Info            Information on getting started with datalogging using SCT Flash products like the XCalibrator                 (Xcal2 or  Xcal3) and livewire.

Advanced SCT datalogging This will walk you through analysis of all those rows of data you just collected.  Includes the parameters to log for WOT datalogging with SCT Flash Products.

Flashing Tunes                How to flash a new tune onto your vehicle.

Books                            Lots of good books with a short description of each one.

OBDII code lookup


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